Fire Alarms

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Fire Alarms Save Lives.  

Early detection is vital.  Don't take unnecessary risks,  some things just can't be replaced. 

Fire is lethal, it can kill.  Protect your loved ones.  A fire can destroy your life's work.  Save your possessions, property, inventory and intellectual property.  

Fire detection within the first five minutes is critical.  Improve the odds, contact one of Safe & Sound's experts to schedule a free security system assessment.  Our staff will  custom design a monitored system that meets all of your home security needs.

Safe & Sound has an extensive line of the most reliable fire alarms available.

With over 40 years of expertise and know how, our security team designs, installs and delivers the total package. We provide outstanding customer service, and we come to you. 

Fire alarm protection is avaiable for both Residential and Commercial properties.

For more information please call (845) 458-5381